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Credits and Training

Resume: CV


  • Max Wren - Lead, Lenore, Rattle the Cage, dir. David Ward (pre-production);

  • Jack Conway - Supporting, The Surrogate, King Chester Production, dir. David Willing (post-production);

  • Christian - Lead, One Punch, Rooftop Film Co., dir. Darcy Yuille (post-production);

  • Dash - Supporting, The American Girls, The Cowboy Kids, dir. Matthew Berto.


  • Jordan - Lead, La Scene, Oviz Collective, dir. Steven Abdilla and Jessica O'Bree (post-production);

  • Charlie - Lead, We Need To Talk, dir. Brendan Galinie;

  • Daniel - Lead, Relent, Riminton Films, dir. Matthew Zimmari;

  • Jake - Lead, Locked Out, dir. Dudi Zvedeniuk;

  • Jack - Lead, Pyramid, dir. Harrison Leech;

  • Jeremy - Supporting, Retirement, Bioscope Films, dir. Matt Mirams;

  • Liam - Supporting, Kin, dir. Jason Raftopoulos;

  • Micah - Lead, They Move by Night, dir. Brian Ho;

  • Jack - Lead, Kicks, Alive Again Collective, dir. Ryan Chatfield;

  • Michael - Supporting, Wednesdays, Hao Zhu Films, dir. Hao Zhu;


  • Dave - Lead, Treats, Fever 103, dir. Monique Marani;

  • Stanley Gold - Lead, Actor Crack'd, Crack'd Actors, dir. Matthew Richard Walsh;

  • Vince - Supporting, An Evening with Same Shepard, Human Sacrifice Theatre, dir. David Myles;

  • Bassanio - Lead, Shakespeare and Company Showcase, Shakespeare and Co., dir. Andrew Bothwick-Leslie;

  • Doug - Lead, Gruesome Playground Injuries, NewCharacter Productions, dir. David Ward;

  • Jonathan Harker - Supporting, Dracula, Malvern Theatre Co., dir. Nicholas Opolski;

  • Juror #8 - Lead, 12 Angry Men, Playhouse Players, dir. Andrew Burns;

  • Peter Van Daan - Supporting, The Diary of Anne Frank, Malvern Theatre Co., dir. Geoff Hickey;

  • Richard Loeb - Lead, Never the Sinner, Malvern Theatre Co., dir. Nicholas Opolski.

  • Tom - Lead, Discontent, Banalarama Studios, dir. Sam Rogers (post-production);

  • Matt - Supporting, Everything's Going to be Fine, Vivienne Productions, dir. Mark and Heather Day.


  • Thom, Boy by Vauus, Another Life Productions, dir. Mark Day;

  • Driver - Supporting, Kings and Queens by Inka Wood, Monster and Bear, dir. Sarah Hickey and Angeline Armstrong;

  • Witness - Lead, Something Broke That Day by Woodlock, dir. Sarah Jo Fraser.


  • 2020 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Script Analysis Workshop with Mike Alfreds;

  • 2020 - Kim Farrant Masterclasses, Scene Study Class with Kim Farrant;

  • 2019 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Royal Court Theatre Retrospective with Ian Rickson;

  • 2019 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Greek Tragedies Masterclass with Patsy Rodenburg;

  • 2017-2018 - Shakespeare and Company, Massachusetts, Month Long Intensive Acting Course;

  • 2017 - 16th Street Actors Studio, One Week Shakespeare Workshop with Shakespeare & Company;

  • 2017 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Classic American Theatre Scene Study with Iain Sinclair;

  • 2017 - Brave Studios, Scene Study Intensive with Damian Walshe-Howling;

  • 2015 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Scene Study masterclass with Larry Moss;

  • 2014-2015 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Advanced Scene Study with Kerry Armstrong;

  • 2014-2015 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Film Acting with Jason Raftopoulos;

  • 2014-2015 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Character Dream Workshop with Elizabeth Kemp;

  • 2013-2014 - 16th Street Actors Studio, Full-Time Acting Course;

  • 2010-2012 - Swinburne University of Technology, Bachelor of Film and Television.

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