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Nicholas is making his mark in the acting world with his tenacious drive, talent and commitment to his craft, mixed with his sharp intellect and sense or comic timing.


His extensive training across theatre and film, both in Australia and the USA, has given him the ability to play a wide range of unique characters.  His talents have seen him cast as a schizophrenic playwright, a preppy high school bully with a coke habit, and even a Harvard student with a penchant for murder. A  transformative, character actor, Nicholas is often cast as dark and edgy antagonists, bringing a sense of humanity and empathy to these often brash, sinister and aggressive characters.


His training in classical texts has made him more than capable of handling the great works of Shakespeare and Sophocles, and his experience in the martial arts and combat sports have given him an edge in highly physical roles. His past work has led to comparisons with great actors such as Adrien Brody, Paul Dano and Edward Norton.

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